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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cheyenne's Surgery and Recovery

The day of the surgery we arrived at the hospital very apprehensive...me...very emotional. My days had been filled with working on getting to this day...but never really dwelling on the surgery itself. There were appt's to keep, updates to make...but it hadn't sunk it...how to deal with THAT DAY. I sat in the waiting room and just welled up with tears. The internist came out to see us...and promptly handed me a tissue box. I searched her eyes for any indication of worry. I managed to squeak out...am I doing the right thing? She assured me...YES...you are. She will have a critical care team assisting and we are all prepared for whatever we will be facing. Part of me wanted to grab her leash and run out the door...but I had to keep telling myself...every Dr. said this was the right thing to do. I had to put my faith in that...and in all the love and prayers zooming at her. I watched as the technician walked her down the hall...she never looked back...she didn't pull...didn't cry...just put her head down and compliantly did as she was asked. My heart broke...was she thinking she was yet again being abandoned? I prayed that would not be my last memory of her.

The day seemed endless...waiting and worrying. We received a call from the Dr. around 5:30...it felt like an eternity. My husband answered the phone...but I could hear the Dr's exuberant voice across the room. He said...I admit...I had serious reservations going into this surgery....but it was unbelievable...it was smooth as silk...not a hitch...she had not one problem...she's doing beautifully...recovering amazingly...and you can pick her up in the morning! Relief flooded over us...it was truly miraculous!!

The next morning...my husband got another call from the doctor. His heart stopped...we should not have been getting any more calls...something went wrong.  "Hi...this is Dr....you're not going to believe this...but Cheyenne is not wheezing...her breathing is great...I can't explain it...come and get her!" He was just ecstatic...we were ecstatic!

When we arrived to pick her up...every one of the staff was just so emotional. Many expressed how they had been readied for the worst...and were in for the shock of their life when things went so beautifully. I was told the entire staff went home ecstatic. The Dr. came out to see us and laughingly joked that maybe he should anesthesize all his breathing patients....referring to how wonderfully she was breathing. We discussed how this could be due to the fresh oxygen that she received...which could have opened everything up for her. Could also be that her tumor was so heavy and taxing on her. In any event....Dr. is anxious to reeval her breathing at our next appt. Next thing I knew...I felt a hard poke on the back of my leg...Cheyenne had arrived...and in her usual quite but forceful way...let me know...hey...mom...I'm here...let's get moving.

Cheyenne continued to amaze us....refusing and fighting off assistance getting into the car...and jumping out before we could grab her to get out. She promptly went up the stairs on her own with no hesitation. "hey...I am NOT an old lady...I can do this ON MY OWN...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!". She immediately let us know she was hungry...and then set about the day like any other day...following me around...no different than any other day. Seriously...you would never know she had surgery. No grogginess, soreness, tiredness...she's alert...happy and still breathing very well.

I will continue to update on her progress. We return to the surgeon in two weeks for staple removal. Tumor has been sent to the University of Pennsylvania for biopsy...and we should have results next week.

Thank you...I know full well that every good thought, prayer and well wish...went zooming right to her. Without you...we could not have gotten through this!!

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  1. Mary Ann,thank you so much for sharing this. I can imagine how you felt as Cheyenne walked away with the staff......that had to have been so heart-wrenching for you. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am for all of you that she did so well during her surgery. She is very special and so are you and your family.
    Love and hugs,