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Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue: This blog will allow people to follow the stories of many dogs of the Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue, especially when these dogs are in need. We invite you to join us and know that each view supports our mission!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Update on Cheyenne's Virtual New Year Fundraiser!

WOW! The $250 match has been met! According to the Chip In we are at $355 so that means Cheyenne has $605 towards her surgery already! Can we have it all by January 1, 2012?!?!? Amazing already what people have done!

If anyone would like to throw out a match of any size, please let us know! People love to double their money - and they have so far in a big way.

We want to say thanks to the donors we know and to the donors we do not - your kindness to people and dogs you've never met is a truly wonderful way to start the New Year. 

Thanks again for donating, sending this on, posting it on Facebook, and for your thoughts and prayers for Cheyenne.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Second Surgery - Will You Help Us Help Cheyenne Again?

So far sweet Cheyenne the German Shepherd from Ga. who had cancer and heartworm disease and who was dumped by her family at a high kill animal control to die, has defied all odds and has touched so many lives. 

Unfortunately, another growth has been found that needs to be removed as soon as possible. 

All donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated. Southern Cross GSD Rescue is a 501.c3 and all donations are tax deductible. 

Please share with others - thank you for that!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cheyenne's Surgery and Recovery

The day of the surgery we arrived at the hospital very apprehensive...me...very emotional. My days had been filled with working on getting to this day...but never really dwelling on the surgery itself. There were appt's to keep, updates to make...but it hadn't sunk it...how to deal with THAT DAY. I sat in the waiting room and just welled up with tears. The internist came out to see us...and promptly handed me a tissue box. I searched her eyes for any indication of worry. I managed to squeak out...am I doing the right thing? She assured me...YES...you are. She will have a critical care team assisting and we are all prepared for whatever we will be facing. Part of me wanted to grab her leash and run out the door...but I had to keep telling myself...every Dr. said this was the right thing to do. I had to put my faith in that...and in all the love and prayers zooming at her. I watched as the technician walked her down the hall...she never looked back...she didn't pull...didn't cry...just put her head down and compliantly did as she was asked. My heart broke...was she thinking she was yet again being abandoned? I prayed that would not be my last memory of her.

The day seemed endless...waiting and worrying. We received a call from the Dr. around 5:30...it felt like an eternity. My husband answered the phone...but I could hear the Dr's exuberant voice across the room. He said...I admit...I had serious reservations going into this surgery....but it was unbelievable...it was smooth as silk...not a hitch...she had not one problem...she's doing beautifully...recovering amazingly...and you can pick her up in the morning! Relief flooded over us...it was truly miraculous!!

The next morning...my husband got another call from the doctor. His heart stopped...we should not have been getting any more calls...something went wrong.  "Hi...this is Dr....you're not going to believe this...but Cheyenne is not wheezing...her breathing is great...I can't explain it...come and get her!" He was just ecstatic...we were ecstatic!

When we arrived to pick her up...every one of the staff was just so emotional. Many expressed how they had been readied for the worst...and were in for the shock of their life when things went so beautifully. I was told the entire staff went home ecstatic. The Dr. came out to see us and laughingly joked that maybe he should anesthesize all his breathing patients....referring to how wonderfully she was breathing. We discussed how this could be due to the fresh oxygen that she received...which could have opened everything up for her. Could also be that her tumor was so heavy and taxing on her. In any event....Dr. is anxious to reeval her breathing at our next appt. Next thing I knew...I felt a hard poke on the back of my leg...Cheyenne had arrived...and in her usual quite but forceful way...let me know...hey...mom...I'm here...let's get moving.

Cheyenne continued to amaze us....refusing and fighting off assistance getting into the car...and jumping out before we could grab her to get out. She promptly went up the stairs on her own with no hesitation. "hey...I am NOT an old lady...I can do this ON MY OWN...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!". She immediately let us know she was hungry...and then set about the day like any other day...following me around...no different than any other day. Seriously...you would never know she had surgery. No grogginess, soreness, tiredness...she's alert...happy and still breathing very well.

I will continue to update on her progress. We return to the surgeon in two weeks for staple removal. Tumor has been sent to the University of Pennsylvania for biopsy...and we should have results next week.

Thank you...I know full well that every good thought, prayer and well wish...went zooming right to her. Without you...we could not have gotten through this!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surgery Day - Happy Day

From Cheyenne's Foster Mom:

per the Dr.



We hope pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Cheyenne's Foster Mom - Surgery Date!

The internist called today after carefully reviewing all her films and charts. She feels the most likely cause of her lung issues is due to her past heartworm (you cannot get a definitive diagnosis without a lung biopsy which is too invasive..but this is the most likely cause). She said the biggest concern for Cheyenne will be going in and out of the anesthesia. During surgery..it is a very controlled situation..so no worries during the surgery itself. She said she will have a critical care team present and that she too will be present (the internist). She gives her a good chance of survival. She said that due to the fact that this tumor will probably rupture causing mass infection and psepsis...and that she is at a great risk for pyrometria...she highly recommends going forward. She said...if it were MY DOG...I would do it. I have to put faith in that statement. I won't lie...I am terrified.

SO Surgery Date is Tuesday, February 8th. 

We are just trying to get the rest of the Chip In donated if we can! 

Thank you for any help you can give.

Monday, January 31, 2011

And we wait...

Cheyenne was seen by the internist last week. She had an echocardiogram which showed she had a normally functioning heart and...hurray...not a heartworm to be found!

She had more x-rays and an oxygen test....both showing lung issues.  Now we wait while the internist reviews all of her old films...old charts...and pieces everything together to get to the bottom of her breathing issues..and make her recommendations. Will keep you posted as news comes in. Thank you for your patience...this has been such a long road with many twists and turns. Please keep Cheyenne in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheyenne Updates

First the financial update - amazingly we are only $250 from meeting the estimate! This has been a huge success thanks to all of you and it is greatly appreciated. Look at this - wow - truly amazing. This girl has gone from almost not making it out of a shelter to now, having all these friends who think of her, forward and post her, and donate to help her.

At this upcoming appointment the surgeon will assess and decide on a new surgery date. Here is Cheyenne's update.

I'm starting to feel like my old glamorous self again! I've finished my antibiotics and rarely cough at all anymore. My breathing is improving...and I'm feeling really good. I went for a walk at this beautiful park today with my family...played in the snow with my sister Ava...and just had such a wonderful time. I hear I have an appointment on Friday to see that really nice Dr. again. Wait until he sees how well I'm doing! Now.... to decide what to wear.......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheyenne sending Thank You's!

Hi Everyone...just checking in to let you know..I'm taking all my meds, eating my chicken soup and mommy is keeping me nice and warm. I'm starting to feel better...and not coughing anymore. Thank you for thinking of me!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Surgery Date Delayed!

UPDATE FROM MARY ANN - We will keep everyone posted!

Over the weekend...Cheyenne developed coughing and labored breathing. She was immediately put on antibiotics which has helped with the cough...but by Wednesday she still had a wheezy breathing. It was decided that a meeting with the surgeon prior to surgery was in order. So..a meeting with the surgeon on Thursday morning was arranged. He thoroughly examined her........

...looked at me...and said...Nope...not happening today. "I hear distinct wheezing and am not comfortable with her undergoing surgery". He likened it to someone with asthma...although she doesn't have that. He said he is not worried about the surgery part of this at all...that it will be easy and fast...but he worries about her health being kicked over the edge due to going through surgery in this condition. He said....I always tell people that bring in animals who are sick...I can easily fix that fracture...but do you want your animal to die because of that surgery? He has put her on a bronchodilator...and she is to stay on all the other meds she is currently on. He wants to re-eval her in one week (our appt. is Friday of next week at 10:30). If he feels that she is on the right path due to this treatment plan...he will have us continue for one more week...then operate.
Cheyenne was so relieved...and dragged me out the door (I had to drag her IN the door). I have to say...so was I...my gut told me there was reason for concern...and I am so grateful to have such an excellent surgeon...who was on the same page!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day for Cheyenne, her foster family, and her whole extended family of Southern Cross and friends and supporters - you.

We still have $555 to meet the estimate - and if it happens, that is wonderful. But we have far more than we ever would have without each and every person who helped in every way.

We would like to ask that you hold Cheyenne in your heart tomorrow and we will update the blog in the afternoon.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow in the NE GA Mountains!

I know it doesn't look like much snow to those of you up North but believe me for those of us here in the NE GA Mountains this is a major snowstorm! The temperature is 25 degrees and falling and will only be in the single digits in the next few nights. The snow that you see is turning to ice. We haven't had mail for three days because our mountain road has not been plowed! If you have sent a check for Cheyenne's surgery please let us know - we need every dollar for her care because we are also trying to supply local folks with cedar chip bedding and dog houses for those that don't have any! NE Georgia has not seen anything like this winter for many, many years.

As we get closer to Cheyenne's surgery this week please send all of your prayers and healing wishes to her and the wonderful family that has kept her safe for us so far. I think we sometimes forget to think of the people behind the rescue dogs and I know how much Cheyenne's family loves her - from seeing her crate waiting for her with the welcome drawings on Cheyenne's arrival to her being in bed with the covers under her chin when she felt under the weather to celebrating the New Year - Cheyenne's Foster Folks have enveloped her with love and care. All of the Dogs and Volunteers at Southern Cross GSD Rescue send heartfelt Thanks to those that have donated to Cheyenne AND may we all raise a toast to her family this week in gratefulness for their love of her - and send our prayers to Cheyenne for a chance to live out her life with grace, happiness and the knowledge that she is, and has been truly loved.

Molly....and the Dogs!
Southern Cross GSD Rescue

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stalling with a little time to go!

There's a little weather down south Weather Channel for Georgia so the latest mail may have not made it in - no new checks to add to the total and no new chip in through paypal either. But we are so close and so hopeful to finish up and cover the total cost of this surgery! (only $605 - that's not a lot when you look at how far we've come!)

We hope Cheyenne's friends can make one more push (or maybe two) in getting the word out to everyone.

Surgery is scheduled for THURSDAY - this week!

Thank you all for all the thoughts, prayers, posting and donating.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

And closer!

Cheyenne has received $70 more - leaving her only $605 from full funding of her surgery - which is huge.

As some of you may know, Southern Cross recently had an emergency puppy case. Baby Ava was treated at the University of Georgia and has made a full recovery, but her costs were pretty stupendous. Her littermates had also been sick, on and off - and now her mom Stormy is living THE life, and her brothers and sisters are all doing well. You can read their story at: http://southerncrossgsdrescue.blogspot.com/

ANYWAY - you can see that your contributions - donations, forwards, posts, thoughts/prayers - are so important for Cheyenne to be able to have this life saving surgery. A surgery that was never expected to happen - but Cheyenne has the will, and the reason to try to live as long as she can!

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Closer Still

Click the pic to enlarge, arrow back to return to blog - countdown to the goal!
Today you have donated $165 toward Cheyenne's surgery.

That's right - we are starting in on the tumor removal costs!

With donations that have come right to Cheyenne (and are being sent to the rescue) and checks sent right to the rescue plus $1430 in the Chip In, the total raised thus far is...(I bet someone would know how to put a drumroll sound in here but not me)....


So, that leaves only $675 left to go! We have 6 days to get there. We can do it - thank you all for all you have done so far - every positive thought going out there helps to raise this total. Thank you for posting and for donating. Please let everyone know how close we are!

Thank you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Closer!

Today was a good day for Cheyenne - she got to pick the kids up at school - and a great day for fundraising - an unbelievable $210 was donated today - thank you so much.

Added to the previous donations and you all have raised $1360 for Cheyenne.

Thank you again for donating, forwarding, posting, and thinking of this girl.

So her biopsy is covered, the atrophine is covered, and a day and 1/3 of her hospitalization is covered. If we can get the other 2/3 of that covered, we can start chipping away at the lump removal. And we will worry about the last 2 days of hospitalization at another time - if needed.

Thank you again so very much!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fundraising Update!

Wow - not sure if your Chip In is refreshing on your computer but an update from the Chip In page...

Cheyenne has $1150 towards her surgery ($50 donation that was not through Chip In arrived today).

This is great!

Click to enlarge:
From the invoice we have these things left:
Atrophine $12.57
Hospitalization @ $68 a day for 4 days or less ($272 total)
Biopsy of lump $120
And then the surgery part of $900 to knock down from now until 1/12
(this all comes to a little more than the Chip In amount but is straight from the invoice - we are hoping she does not need to be hospitalized for the entire 4 days)

We also didn't mention donations are tax deductible! 

The vet gave a $250 discount so thanks to the vet office too because that's $250 we don't have to fundraise!

And can you believe all the items that have been covered? INCREDIBLE - thank you to our donors, listed at the right - thank you to all our cross-posters, social media senders and thank you to those who are thinking and praying for Cheyenne.

 A Sweet Girl Resting Up and Saying Thank You to Friends Near and Far

Monday, January 3, 2011

Helping Cheyenne

After you've read the information on Cheyenne below...we are asking people to consider helping in a couple of ways:

1.  We know that the economy is difficult and that there are many worthy causes for you to support. If you could just post this link on your Facebook, send it out via Twitter, email and cross-post to friends and dog lovers, we would truly appreciate it. Know that this really does help.

2. If you are able to help with a donation, you can click on the Chip In button and paypal a donation to Southern Cross for her vetting. Later we will post a link to the website of the vet hospital where she will be having her surgery (and cute pics of her too)! But we want you to feel comfortable making this donation and knowing that it will go to her surgery, care and recovery.

3. Good thoughts and prayers are always welcome!

More on donating - we have taken the itemized invoice from the vet and pictured it below. As you can see we've already started checking off some items - it's not exact (we are about $7 off right now) but people can pick an item or items they would like to sponsor. If there isn't an amount there that works for you, we will just apply your donation to the large tumor removal/surgery fee or other larger fees.

Thank you so much for doing any of the things above to help Cheyenne. Click on the picture to see it better - arrow back to get back to the blog!

About Cheyenne

Cheyenne was pulled from a high kill shelter in GA on her last day one year ago. All the odds were against her..she had severe skin infections...stage 4 heartworm...and mammary tumors.  No one gave her any hope...not the shelter...not the vet...but Southern Cross saw a strength and will to live in her...and did not give up on her.

She is a special girl indeed..and fast forward one year...her skin infections have cleared up...and she has successfully gone through heartworm treatment. Her strength and will to live are amazing...as are her kind heart and ability to love everyone...despite a life of neglect.

Now..she faces her biggest hurdle..her mammary tumor. Until this time..her health prevented us from tackling this. But now...the specialist feels she can go through surgery successfully (her breathing has improved dramtically..all vitals are good..and x-rays are clear for mets). It is now urgent though that she have the surgery to survive. Her tumor has grown to the point where it will rupture soon and is ulcerating. Without removal...she has little hope. But with surgery...her future looks very optimistic.

Cheyenne is the sweetest soul you could ever meet....she loves everyone and everything....loves to mother puppies and kitties...greet fellow dogs with a kind hello and an old lady attempt at a playbow....cuddle on the couch...and give kisses....and appreciates every kind word and pat on the head. She loves life and shows her appreciation every moment of every day. We are blessed that Southern Cross saw her worth.

Please help us...help her...

Cheyenne thanks you from the bottom of her sweet heart for any consideration.