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Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue: This blog will allow people to follow the stories of many dogs of the Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue, especially when these dogs are in need. We invite you to join us and know that each view supports our mission!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Closer!

Today was a good day for Cheyenne - she got to pick the kids up at school - and a great day for fundraising - an unbelievable $210 was donated today - thank you so much.

Added to the previous donations and you all have raised $1360 for Cheyenne.

Thank you again for donating, forwarding, posting, and thinking of this girl.

So her biopsy is covered, the atrophine is covered, and a day and 1/3 of her hospitalization is covered. If we can get the other 2/3 of that covered, we can start chipping away at the lump removal. And we will worry about the last 2 days of hospitalization at another time - if needed.

Thank you again so very much!

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