Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue

Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue: This blog will allow people to follow the stories of many dogs of the Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue, especially when these dogs are in need. We invite you to join us and know that each view supports our mission!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Helping Cheyenne

After you've read the information on Cheyenne below...we are asking people to consider helping in a couple of ways:

1.  We know that the economy is difficult and that there are many worthy causes for you to support. If you could just post this link on your Facebook, send it out via Twitter, email and cross-post to friends and dog lovers, we would truly appreciate it. Know that this really does help.

2. If you are able to help with a donation, you can click on the Chip In button and paypal a donation to Southern Cross for her vetting. Later we will post a link to the website of the vet hospital where she will be having her surgery (and cute pics of her too)! But we want you to feel comfortable making this donation and knowing that it will go to her surgery, care and recovery.

3. Good thoughts and prayers are always welcome!

More on donating - we have taken the itemized invoice from the vet and pictured it below. As you can see we've already started checking off some items - it's not exact (we are about $7 off right now) but people can pick an item or items they would like to sponsor. If there isn't an amount there that works for you, we will just apply your donation to the large tumor removal/surgery fee or other larger fees.

Thank you so much for doing any of the things above to help Cheyenne. Click on the picture to see it better - arrow back to get back to the blog!

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