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Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue: This blog will allow people to follow the stories of many dogs of the Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue, especially when these dogs are in need. We invite you to join us and know that each view supports our mission!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow in the NE GA Mountains!

I know it doesn't look like much snow to those of you up North but believe me for those of us here in the NE GA Mountains this is a major snowstorm! The temperature is 25 degrees and falling and will only be in the single digits in the next few nights. The snow that you see is turning to ice. We haven't had mail for three days because our mountain road has not been plowed! If you have sent a check for Cheyenne's surgery please let us know - we need every dollar for her care because we are also trying to supply local folks with cedar chip bedding and dog houses for those that don't have any! NE Georgia has not seen anything like this winter for many, many years.

As we get closer to Cheyenne's surgery this week please send all of your prayers and healing wishes to her and the wonderful family that has kept her safe for us so far. I think we sometimes forget to think of the people behind the rescue dogs and I know how much Cheyenne's family loves her - from seeing her crate waiting for her with the welcome drawings on Cheyenne's arrival to her being in bed with the covers under her chin when she felt under the weather to celebrating the New Year - Cheyenne's Foster Folks have enveloped her with love and care. All of the Dogs and Volunteers at Southern Cross GSD Rescue send heartfelt Thanks to those that have donated to Cheyenne AND may we all raise a toast to her family this week in gratefulness for their love of her - and send our prayers to Cheyenne for a chance to live out her life with grace, happiness and the knowledge that she is, and has been truly loved.

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Southern Cross GSD Rescue

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