Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue

Welcome To Blog 2 - Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue: This blog will allow people to follow the stories of many dogs of the Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue, especially when these dogs are in need. We invite you to join us and know that each view supports our mission!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stalling with a little time to go!

There's a little weather down south Weather Channel for Georgia so the latest mail may have not made it in - no new checks to add to the total and no new chip in through paypal either. But we are so close and so hopeful to finish up and cover the total cost of this surgery! (only $605 - that's not a lot when you look at how far we've come!)

We hope Cheyenne's friends can make one more push (or maybe two) in getting the word out to everyone.

Surgery is scheduled for THURSDAY - this week!

Thank you all for all the thoughts, prayers, posting and donating.

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